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All About Mobile and Digital Media

With years of experience in App development and media distribution we can help you promote your content, distribute it or help you with your projects

Optus eBooks promo video

Promotional video production


Do you have a killer App and you want the world to know about it? We can get you on top of chart. Do you know that SuperCell spend 1/3 of its revenues in advertising? that is what it takes to be a killer App.

Game Castle Video Game review

Video Game review by Marengo Knoll

Do you want your game reviewed in Game Caste? Would like to have Game Castle video reviews into your portal? Contact us!


Empress Games has formed various partnerships: from content distributors to app makers, from advertising networks to casinos


You want to know if your project is going to make it big? We can help you by analyzing your project and prepare a report for you to help you make a sound business decision

European Soccer Licenses

EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundsliga games and more 24 hour after the match streaming or downloadable to your customer's devices, contact us for more information about territory licensing

Online Gaming

Our latest venture Online Betting that actually puts you in control of your destiny: No odds, no hidden fees, just your skill - Are you ready for the challenge?

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